Lifan 620. Instruction - page 1

Chapter I Entire Vehicle Overview

LF620 sedans are devised to give expression to the human orientation with features of portable
operation, comfortable ride, spacious inner room, excellent dynamic quality and economical
efficiency. The high tech and low price endow them with the stronger market competition.

I. Engine assembly

1. Either the engine of TRITEC1.6L or LF 481Q3 is adopted, which is a single overhead camshaft
multi-point electronic injection engine with 16 valves.

IV. Electric equipment

The electric equipment design of LF620 sedans absorbs all the electric options so as to meet
diversified customers’ needs.
1. Engine and electronic fan
The engine is equipped with a starter and a generator. Double electronic fans at two
speed-adjusting levels are arranged.
2. Power start, charging systems
The power start system mainly deals with the model and specs size confirmation of the engine,
battery and generator and voltage regulator, etc.


3. Ignition and electronic injection system

Ignition switch: Only the mature products can be employed and the corresponding current is set

to satisfy the functional requirement.

The engine is the mature product of the TRITEC and the electronic injection system adopts the



Chapter II Main Technical Parameters of Lifan Vehicles

I. Basic performance parameters

1. Complete vehicle basic parameter (Table 1)
2. Complete vehicle performance index (Table 2)

Table 1 Complete Vehicle Main Parameter

Axle load distribution


kg 810/745

Full load distribution

percentage (front/rear)



Mass center height (no/full)




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