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Maintenance manual for sunray hfc4da1-2c china-IV diesel engines


Chapter I Technical Characteristics of Engine

Section I Technical Requirements for Fuel, Oils, and Auxiliary Materials

I. Diesel

HFC4DA1-2C diesel engine adopts electronically controlled, high pressure common rail, fuel injection system and
conforms to Euro-IV emission regulation and thus extends higher requirements over the fuel. To guarantee the
reliability of the fuel supply system, make sure to use the qualified clean diesel produced by national well-established
fuel company, in order to prevent the blockage or early wear of fuel injector due to poor fuel.

Add the fuel only at the well-established gas station. The use of poor diesel or other diesel intended for

other than vehicle engine application is strictly prohibited.

Make sure to use the fuel conforming to national standard GB 19147. The grade number of the diesel chosen is related
to the temperature of working environment. When the environment temperature is reduced, the paraffins within the
diesel will precipitate to block the fuel pipeline, leading to difficult fuel supply and start failure of the engine.
Therefore, choose different grade number of diesel depending on the environment temperature in different seasons
and regions, in accordance with the table shown below.

Environment temperature

Above 5℃ Above

-5℃ Above

-10℃ Above


Recommended grade

number of diesel

0# light diesel

-10# light diesel

-20# light diesel

-35# light diesel


The cam of the high pressure fuel pump is being lubricated by the fuel. Never cause engine flameout due to depletion
of fuel in the fuel tank, or it will lead to serious wear of the high pressure fuel pump. After adding new fuel, make sure
to firstly use manual fuel pump to bleed the air from the fuel pipe and high pressure fuel pump and thoroughly fill the
fuel pipe and high pressure fuel pump with fuel before starting the engine, in order to prevent the wear of high
pressure fuel pump due to fuel shortage.

Procedure for air bleeding and refueling:

1. Loosen the air bleeding screw;

2. Push down the manual fuel pump with hand and then release. Repeat above operation, till there is no air bleeding
out from the air bleeding screw;

3. Tighten the air bleeding screw and pump the fuel with manual fuel pump, till the fuel injection pump is thoroughly
filled with fuel.

The diesel filter embodies the fuel-water separation function:

The water content in the diesel will bring about great harm to the fuel system. Upon the detection that the diesel filter
water level warning lamp on the instrument panel lights up, it indicates the presence of waste water in the diesel filter.
The waste water shall be drained timely, or it will lead to the rusting and wear of high pressure fuel pump, high
pressure fuel rail, and fuel injector and bring about unnecessary losses.

Procedure for water drainage:

1. Unplug the water level sensor connector;

2. Loosen the water level sensor to drain the waste water, till the diesel flows out.

Maintenance manual for sunray hfc4da1-2c china-IV diesel engines


3. Tighten the water level sensor and plug the water level sensor connector.

II. Engine Oil

HFC4DA1-2C diesel engine shall use the diesel engine oil with the quality grade at API CH-4 or above, of which the
viscosity is related to the environment temperature. When the environment temperature is reduced, the viscosity of the
engine oil is increased to increase the start resistance so that the diesel engine can’t reach the start speed and cause
difficult start. Therefore, in different seasons and regions, choose the correct engine oil with different viscosity grade
under different environment temperature, in accordance with the table below.



-15℃~40℃ -20℃~30℃


Extreme cold region

Engine oil


10W-40/50 or 15W-40




Check engine oil level:

z Stop the engine and wait for several minutes;

z Pull out the engine oil dipstick;

z Wipe the oil dipstick with clean cloth and re-insert the oil dipstick to the end;

z Pull out the oil dipstick again and observe the engine oil level. Check whether the oil level is between the upper

and lower limits of the oil dipstick. If insufficient, add the engine oil.


z Make sure to periodically check the engine oil level.

z The apparatus used for refueling shall be clean.

z In event of sudden rise or drop of engine oil level, check for cause immediately.

Upper limit

Lower limit

Notice: Make sure to horizontally park the vehicle while
measuring the engine oil level. Stop the engine and wait
for several minutes, till the engine oil can return to the oil

Maintenance manual for sunray hfc4da1-2c china-IV diesel engines


z Never mix different trademarks of engine oils.

z Periodically replace the engine oil as per the maintenance regulations.

III. Coolant

Make sure to use clean automotive antifreeze coolant featuring antifreeze in winter, anti-boiling in summer, and
anti-corrosion, anti-rusting, and anti-scaling.

Take cautions during the operation:

a. Always use coolant throughout the year and pay attention to the use continuity of the coolant.

b. Depending on the temperature of the region in which the vehicle is used, choose the coolant with different freezing
point. The freezing point of the coolant shall be at least 10ºC below the lowest temperature of the region, in order to
maintain the antifreeze function.

c. Purchase the qualified coolant product, in order to prevent damaging the engine and causing unnecessary economic
losses due to use of disqualified product.

d. Never mix different trademarks of coolants nor use such mixed coolant, in order to prevent the chemical reaction
from impairing the respective comprehensive anti-corrosion performance.

e. Never add the hard water such as well water or running water. Upon the detection of suspended material, sediment,
or smelliness phenomenon in the coolant, it indicates that the coolant is deteriorated and becomes ineffective due to
chemical reaction. In such case, timely clean the cooling system and thoroughly replace the coolant.

f. The glycol coolant is one toxic substance and is harmful to the liver. Never swallow the coolant. In event of skin
exposure to the coolant, thoroughly clean with water immediately. In addition, the nitrite anti-corrosion additive in the
coolant is one carcinogenic substance. Do not dispose the used coolant randomly, in order to prevent contaminating
the environment.


z Upon the detection of sudden drop in coolant level, check for cause immediately.

z The cooling system is under pressurized state! Never open the cap of the coolant compensation tank or radiator

while the engine is still hot, or it will lead to scalding danger!

Maintenance manual for sunray hfc4da1-2c china-IV diesel engines


Section II Main Technical Specification of Engine

Model HFC4DA1-2C


Inline 4-cylinder, longitudinal layout, water-cooled, 4-stroke, turbocharged

inter-cooler, high pressure common rail, and direct injection engine

Nominal power/speed


Top torque/speed


Minimum fuel consumption

of external characteristic

≤ 218g/kw·h

Top idling speed


Exhaust temperature (before


≤ 700℃

Idling speed

800±50 rpm

Number of cylinders × bore

× stroke:

4×93 mm×102 mm

Total piston


2.771 L

Compression ratio

17 :1

Fuel grade


Working sequence


Fuel supply advance


Electronically controlled

Flameout mode

Fuel cut-off

Engine mass


Emission limit (test value)

China-IV emission standard


Noise limit

≤ 95dB(A)

Engine oil trademark

Above grade CH-4

Engine oil capacity


Engine oil/fuel consumption ratio (24h at full speed)

≤ 0.10%

Temperature of engine oil in oil sump (under nominal working



Engine oil pressure

Idling: ≥98 kPa

Coolant capacity


Applicable altitude


Thermostat type

Wax type

Maximum outlet temperature of


≤ 110℃

Thermostat opening



Thermostat full open temperature


Applicable temperature

of diesel engine

With heated cold starter and with heater plug in engine

Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 728.9mm×715.6mm×753.3mm

Length of cylinder



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