Geely EC718, EC718RV, EC715, EC715RV. Manual part - 1

Geely EC718, EC718RV, EC715, EC715RV. Manual part - 1


Geely EC718 , EC718RV and

EC715, EC715RV Workshop


This workshop manual provides model year 2009 EC718/EC718RV and EC715/
EC715RV models specification, diagnostic and service information.

2009 Geely Automotive Co., Ltd.
All rights reserved
Information as of the date of October 2009

Without written permission from Geely Automotive Co., Ltd., any form or means (including, but not limited to, electronic
duplicating, photocopying, scanning and recording) of copying, storing or distribution of any part or the whole manual is not


This is EC718/EC718RV and EC715/EC715RV workshop manual. Please refer to the index to retrieve the section you need.


EC718/EC718RV and EC715/EC715RV

Please note that the following publication is also for the related components and systems maintenance. "

Manual Name

Publication Number

EC718/EC718RV and EC715/EC715RV Wiring Diagram

All the information in this manual is based on the latest products available at the time of publishing. The specifications and the repair
procedures may change without prior notice.
It is recommended that you contact Geely Automotive Co., Ltd. to obtain the information about the products, part numbers or special
tools referred in this manual.

If there are any omissions or mistakes, please contact Geely Automotive Co., Ltd. to amend.

(c) 2009 Geely Automotive Co., Ltd.
Without written permission from Geely Automotive Co., Ltd., this manual may not be replicated in whole or part.


This manual does not include all the repair information required. It is for experienced and qualified personnel. A non-professional
or non-qualified technician using the manual or not having the appropriate equipment and tools for repair, it may cause serious
personal injury or damage to the vehicle.

To prevent personal injury or damage to the vehicles, please make sure follow the instructions below.

Carefully read through this manual. Fully understanding of "Warnings and Notices" in the "Overview" section is particularly

Repair procedures described in this manual is helpful for the repair work. When following the repair procedures in this manual,
make sure use the recommended tools. If using tools other than recommended or not following the repair procedures, prior to
commencing repair, ensure the safety of technical personnel and prevent personal injury or damage to customer vehicles.

When replacing parts, please use parts approved by Geely Automotive Co., Ltd. with the same part numbers. Do not use inferior

To reduce the risk of causing bodily harm and to reduce the possibilities of causing vehicle damage, please strictly follow all the
warnings and notes. It is also important to realize that the "Warning" and the "Note" are not exaggerated. Non-compliance may
lead to dangerous consequences.

Before repairing the airbag system components or working in the vicinity of airbag system, please refer to the "Airbag system
component Locator" in the "Safety" section and the "Wiring Harness Routing Views" in the Wiring Diagram. Understand the
airbag system components locations on a vehicle. Strictly follow all of the contents in the "Warnings and Notices". Violating these
will result in airbag deployment, personal injury or to unnecessary airbag system repair.

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