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Models: CA113DC


STI-478-6 (3/16)

Published by

Daimler Trucks North America LLC

4747 N. Channel Ave.

Portland, OR 97217

Printed in U.S.A.

Daimler Trucks North America LLC distributes the following major service publications in paper and electronic
(via ServicePro®) formats.


Workshop/service manuals contain service and repair information for all vehicle
systems and components, except for major components such as engines, trans-
missions, and rear axles. Each workshop/service manual section is divided into
subjects that can include general information, principles of operation, removal,
disassembly, assembly, installation, and specifications.

Troubleshooting Manual

Troubleshooting manuals contain diagnostic procedures for determining causes
of problems in vehicle components and systems. Information on multiplexing
diagnosis is included. These manuals are organized by functional systems,
such as cab, chassis, and powertrain. Troubleshooting manuals do not contain
repair or service information.


Driver’s/operator’s manuals contain information needed to enhance the driver’s
understanding of how to operate and care for the vehicle and its components.
Each manual contains a chapter that covers pre-trip and post-trip inspections,
and daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance of vehicle components.
Driver’s/operator’s manuals do not contain detailed repair or service information.

Service Bulletins

Service bulletins provide the latest service tips, field repairs, product improve-
ments, and related information. Some service bulletins are updates to informa-
tion in the workshop/service manual. These bulletins take precedence over
workshop/service manual information, until the latter is updated; at that time, the
bulletin is usually canceled. The service bulletins manual is available only to
dealers. When doing service work on a vehicle system or part, check for a valid
service bulletin for the latest information on the subject.

IMPORTANT: Before using a particular service bulletin, check the current
service bulletin validity list to be sure the bulletin is valid.

Parts Technical Bulletins

Parts technical bulletins provide information on parts. These bulletins contain
lists of parts and BOMs needed to do replacement and upgrade procedures.

Web-based repair, service, and parts documentation can be accessed using the following applications on the website.


ServicePro® provides Web-based access to the most up-to-date versions of the
publications listed above. In addition, the Service Solutions feature provides di-
agnostic assistance with Symptoms Search, by connecting to a large knowledge
base gathered from technicians and service personnel. Search results for both
documents and service solutions can be narrowed by initially entering vehicle
identification data.


PartsPro® is an electronic parts catalog system, showing the specified vehicle’s
build record.


Descriptions of Service Publications




makes Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star, Thomas Built Buses, and

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation products’ wiring drawings and floating
pin lists available online for viewing and printing. EZWiring can also be ac-
cessed from within PartsPro.

Warranty-related service information available on the website includes the following

Recall Campaigns

Recall campaigns cover situations that involve service work or replacement of
parts in connection with a recall notice. These campaigns pertain to matters of
vehicle safety. All recall campaigns are distributed to dealers; customers receive
notices that apply to their vehicles.

Field Service Campaigns

Field service campaigns are concerned with non-safety-related service work or
replacement of parts. All field service campaigns are distributed to dealers; cus-
tomers receive notices that apply to their vehicles.


Descriptions of Service Publications


Performing regular maintenance on your Freightliner
vehicle will help ensure that your vehicle delivers
safe reliable service and optimum performance for
years to come. Failure to follow a regular mainte-
nance program can result in inefficient operation and
unscheduled down time.

To determine the correct maintenance intervals for
your vehicle you must first determine the type of ser-
vice or conditions the vehicle will be operating in.
Generally, over-the-road vehicles operate under con-
ditions that fall within one of the two types of service
described. Before placing your new vehicle in ser-
vice, determine the type of service (Service Schedule
I or II) that applies to the intended use of the vehicle.
After determining the vehicle’s type of service, refer
to the service schedule table or the vehicle mainte-
nance schedule table, to determine how often main-
tenance should be performed.

Types of Service

Service Schedule I (short-haul transport) applies to
vehicles that annually travel less than 60,000 miles
(100 000 kilometers) and operate under normal con-
ditions. Examples of Schedule I usage are: operation
primarily in cities and densely populated areas; local
transport with infrequent freeway travel; or high per-
centage of stop-and-go travel.

Service Schedule II (long-haul transport) is for ve-
hicles that annually travel more than 60,000 miles
(100 000 kilometers) with minimal city or stop-and-go
operation. Examples of Schedule II usage are: re-
gional delivery that is mostly freeway miles; interstate
transport; or any road operation with high annual

operating conditions. Unusual vehicle operating
conditions may require service at more frequent

General Information



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