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Models: FL50


STI-266 (2/04P)

Published by

Freightliner LLC

4747 N. Channel Ave.

Portland, OR 97217

Printed in U.S.A.

Freightliner LLC distributes the following major service publications.


Workshop/service manuals contain service and repair information for all vehicle
systems and components, except for major components such as engines, trans-
missions, and rear axles. Each workshop/service manual section is divided into
subjects that can include general information, principles of operation, removal,
disassembly, assembly, installation, specifications, and troubleshooting.

Maintenance Manual

Maintenance manuals contain routine maintenance procedures and intervals for
vehicle components and systems. They have information such as lubrication
procedures and tables, fluid replacement procedures, fluid capacities, specifica-
tions, procedures for adjustments and for checking the tightness of fasteners.
Maintenance manuals do not contain detailed repair or service information.


Driver’s/operator’s manuals contain information needed to enhance the driver’s
understanding of how to operate and care for the vehicle and its components.
Each manual contains a chapter that covers pretrip inspection and daily mainte-
nance of vehicle components. Driver’s/operator’s manuals do not contain de-
tailed repair or service information.

Parts Technical Manual

Freightliner LLC publishes this manual to aid in the identification of serviceable
replacement vehicle parts. This manual is used in conjunction with the parts
book and the service parts catalog microfiche.

Service Bulletins

Service bulletins provide the latest service tips, field repairs, product improve-
ments, and related information. Some service bulletins are updates to informa-
tion in the workshop/service manual. These bulletins take precedence over
workshop/service manual information, until the latter is updated; at that time, the
bulletin is usually canceled. The service bulletins manual is available only to
dealers. When doing service work on a vehicle system or part, check for a valid
service bulletin for the latest information on the subject.

IMPORTANT: Before using a particular service bulletin, check the current
service bulletin validity list to be sure the bulletin is valid.

Recall Bulletins

These bulletins pertain to special situations that involve service work or replace-
ment of parts in connection with a recall notice. Recall bulletins pertain to mat-
ters of vehicle safety. All bulletins are distributed to dealers; customers receive
notices that apply to their vehicles.

Field Service

This publication is concerned with non-safety-related service work or replace-
ment of parts. All field service modifications are distributed to dealers; custom-
ers receive notices that apply to their vehicles.


Descriptions of Service Publications

Business Class Trucks Maintenance Manual, December 2002


General Information

Federal Law, Part 205: Transportation
Equipment Noise Emission Controls

Part 205, Transportation Equipment Noise Emission
Controls, requires the vehicle manufacturer to fur-
nish, with each new vehicle, such written instructions
for the proper maintenance, use, and repair of the
vehicle by the ultimate purchaser to provide reason-
able assurance of the elimination or minimization of
noise emission degradation throughout the life of the
vehicle. In compliance with the law, the Noise Emis-
sion Control Systems maintenance located in each
applicable group within this manual, in conjunction
with the vehicle service manual, provides these in-
structions to owners.

Normal Vehicle Use

The maintenance instructions contained in this
manual are based on average vehicle use and nor-
mal operating conditions. Unusual vehicle operating
conditions may require service at more frequent in-

Recommendations for Replacement

Replacement parts used for maintenance or for the
repair of noise emission control systems should be
genuine Freightliner parts. If other than genuine
Freightliner parts are used for replacements or for
the repair of components affecting noise emission
control, the owner should be sure that such parts are
warranted by their manufacturer to be equivalent to
genuine Freightliner parts in performance and dura-

Freightliner Noise Emissions Warranty

Refer to the vehicle owner’s warranty information
book for warranty information concerning noise emis-
sion control systems.

Tampering With the Noise Control
System is Prohibited

Federal law prohibits the following acts or the caus-
ing thereof: (1) the removal or rendering inoperative
by any person other than for purposes of mainte-
nance, repair, or replacement, of any device or ele-

ment of design incorporated into any new vehicle for
the purpose of noise control prior to its sale or deliv-
ery to the ultimate purchaser or while it is in use, or
(2) the use of the vehicle after such device or ele-
ment of design has been removed or rendered inop-
erative by any person. Among those acts presumed
to constitute tampering are the acts listed below:

A. Removal of engine noise-deadening panels.

B. Removal of or rendering the engine speed gover-

nor inoperative so as to allow engine speed to
exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

C. Removal of or rendering inoperative the fan

clutch, including by-passing the control on any
thermostatic fan drive to cause it to operate con-

D. Removal of the fan shroud.

E. Removal of or rendering inoperative exhaust sys-

tem components, including exhaust pipe clamp-


Removal of air intake system components.

G. Removal of hood liners (noise-deadening pan-


Maintenance Instructions

Scheduled intervals are in the maintenance tables in
Group 00 of this manual. A "Verification of Inspec-
tions Log" is contained in the following table, and
should be filled in each time the noise emission con-
trols on the vehicle are maintained or repaired.

General Information


Noise Emission Control Systems Maintenance: 00–01


Verification of Inspections Log

Verification of Inspections Log — Group 20

Verification of Inspections Log — Group 20 — Engine Cooling/Radiator



Repair Description


Repair Facility

Verification of Inspections Log — Group 49

Verification of Inspections Log — Group 49 — Exhaust



Repair Description


Repair Facility

General Information


Verification of Inspections Log: 00–02


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