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Ford’s Commitment to You
At Ford Motor Company, excellence is the
continuous commitment to achieve the best
result possible. It is dedication to learning what
you want, determination to develop the right
concept, and execution of that concept with care,
precision, and attention to detail. In short,
excellence means being the standard by which
others are judged.
Our Guiding Principles
Quality comes first.
For your satisfaction, the
quality of our products and services must be
our number one priority.
You are the focus of everything we do.
work must be done with you in mind,
providing better products and services than
our competition.
Continuous improvement is essential to our
We must strive for excellence in
everything we do: in our products — in their
safety and value — and in our services, our
human relations, our competitiveness, and
our profitability.
Employee involvement is our way of life
We are a team. We must treat one another
with trust and respect.
Dealers and suppliers are our partners.
must maintain mutually beneficial
relationships with dealers, suppliers, and our
other business associates.
Integrity is never compromised.
Our conduct
worldwide must be pursued in a manner that
is socially responsible and commands respect
for its integrity and for its positive
contributions to society.
give you additional information about
the subject matter you are referencing.
remind you to be especially careful
in those areas where carelessness can cause
damage to your vehicle or personal injury to
yourself, your passengers or other people. Please
read all
Finding Information in This Guide
After you have read this guide once, you will
probably return to it when you have a specific
question or need additional information. To help
you find specific information quickly, you can
use the Quick Index, Table of Contents, or the
Quick Index
at the end of the book
provides a page number following each item
which indicates where detailed information can
be found.
To use the
, turn to the back of the book
and search in the alphabetical listing for the
word that best describes the information you
need. If the word you chose is not listed, think
of other related words and look them up. We
have designed the Index so that you can find
information under a technical term.
Canadian Owners — French Version
French Owner Guides can be obtained from your
dealer or by writing to Ford Motor Company of
Canada, Limited, Service Publications, P.O. Box
1580, Station B, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 4G3.
Your Maintenance Schedule and
Record Booklet
Maintenance Schedule
booklet lists the
services that are most important for keeping
your vehicle in good condition. A record log is
also provided to help you keep track of all
services performed.
About the Warranties
Your vehicle is covered by three types of
Basic Vehicle Warranty
on certain parts, and
Read your
Warranty Information Booklet
to find out about your vehicle’s warranties and
your basic rights and responsibilities.
If you lose your
Warranty Information Booklet,
can get a new one free of charge. Contact any
Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer, or refer to the
addresses and phone numbers on the first page
of this Owner’s Guide.
Ford Extended Service Plan
More Protection for Your Vehicle
You can get more protection for your new car or
light truck by purchasing a Ford Extended
Service Plan (Ford ESP). Ford ESP is the only
extended service program with the Ford name
on it and the only service contract backed by
Ford Motor Company.
Ford ESP is an optional service contract, backed
and administered by Ford. It provides:
protection against repair costs after your
Bumper to Bumper Warranty expires;
other benefits during the warranty period
(such as: reimbursement for rentals; coverage
for certain maintenance and wear items).
You may purchase Ford ESP from any
participating Ford Motor Company dealer. There
are several Ford ESP plans available in various
time-and-mileage combinations. Each plan can be
tailored to fit your own driving needs, including
reimbursement benefits for towing and rental.
(In Hawaii, rules vary. See your dealer for
When you purchase Ford ESP, you receive
peace-of-mind protection throughout the United
States and Canada, provided by a network of
more than 5,100 participating Ford Motor
Company dealers.
Repairs performed outside the United
States and Canada are not eligible for
ESP coverage.
This information is subject to change, ask your
dealer for complete details about Ford ESP

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