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Light Commercial Truck

Service Manual



2006, 6




This manual mainly contains maintenance and service method of the DONGFENG STAR EQ1030T47D-820

light commercial truck.

To use vehicles safely and efficiently, it is important for you to read the manual thoroughly and make sure

that you are familiar with the items that mark "Note".

Due to continuous improvements on our vehicles, maybe there are some instructions in the manual that does

not compliance with the actual vehicles. Please consult the local agency for the latest news. The informaion in this
manual are correct before issuance, DONGFENG reserve the rights of changing any of the content without notice.

Maintenance method varified due to different skill level, method, tools and available parts that serviceman adopts

Any serviceman should firstly take into consideration on personal safety and vehicle safety when working.

The Application File Section of Test Department, the Commercial Product R & D Institute of DONGFENG

AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD. is in charge of compiling.






CYQD32 diesel


COE, single row, with front independent suspension,

power steering, front disc and rear drum brake



Preventive Measures

See preventive measures below to get safe operation and suitable mainte-
nance surely. These measures will not be repeated in the next pages.

1.Do not let engine run too long absolutely unless it is under special venti-

lation to ensure that there is good ventilation in working area, no fire
things there.

Be careful sternly the any burnable, poisonous things like gasoline, refrig-
erant etc are used.

Working in a ditch or close environment and contacting any dangerous
things, it is necessary any dangerous things,it is necessary to provide good
ventilation in the working area, and smoking is prohibited there absolutely.

2.When truck is lifted, use a wheel stationary block to stop the truck move.

After lifted, used a safe mat to support the truck on a specially designed
point of truck to bear the truck weight, then begin its maintenance.
These operations should be completed on an even ground.

3.Being unfixed a heavier assembly like engine, gear box or rear axle, be

careful to keep it balance, avoid it fall down. And not permit to damage
the details next to the brake pipes, etc.

4.Working at some maintenance without battery, turn off the ignition

switch and power switch at first, and then take off the negative line on
the battery to avoid unexpected accident happening like short circuit.

5.To prevent serious burnt accident, avoid touching some hot metal, such

as radiator, exhaust manifold and muffler etc. When a engine is hot, do
not take off the lid of radiator absolutely.

6.Before maintenance, use the suitable cloth to cover the inner ornaments

and ground mat of the truck, in order to keep it in a good condition.

Be careful not smash the painted surface of the truck.



7.Before the check and assembly of a disassembled part, clean it first.

8.During the reassembling, oil seal, gasket, O-washer, lock washer and

split pin should use the new one.

9.Replace the outer and inner rings of tapered roller bearing in whole set.

10.Arrange the disassembling procedures according to the part assembling


11.Mark on the disassembled brake pipe about the connecting relationship.

12.Use suitable lubricating oil, brake fluid,cooling liquid and seal glue

according to standard.

13.Use general and special tools to ensure maintenance safely and effi-


14.Deal properly with drained lubricating oil and solvent used to wash


How to Use Manual

1.Look up contents as quickly as possible. The contents of every section

are completely listed on the first page of each chapter.

2.The subject of each chapter is on the top of every page, showing the

name of each system of assembly.

3.The page code of each chapter is of two or three letters, to show the

name and page code of a certain chapter(ex, "BR-5").

4.A larger diagram is used to show the separated construction of an assem-

bly, its contents: tightening torque, lubricating points, and the other
information for maintenance. These are dor the reference of mainte-
nance, and you have to see the SPARE PARTS CATALOG for parts

5.The smaller diagram mainly indicate: every main checking procedures,

all the tools needed, work skills latent procedures which are not listed in
the larger diagram above. To some more complicated assembly system,
in dictate them with diagrams one by one.

6.The measuring units in this book are mainly international standard ones.

7.The data and axplanation of maintenance are in the last pages of every

chapter to be the reference.

8.In the procedure marked "Warning","Notes","Caution" strictly observe

these procedure norms, to avoid body hurt and damage to some parts.

Warning: indicates if you do not follow this instruction, it will

cause body hurts.

Note: indicates if you do not follow this instruction, it will cause

some parts damaged.

Except some instructions of warning and notice, again some help-

ful information are provided.

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