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CIRCUIT Central Electrical Box Connector Position


New style wiring harness is designed upon

chery sedan wiring harness-updating plan

approved by Chery Auto Co., LTD in July 2001. According to updated plan, concentrated control
in central electrical box is replaced with a nearby control method in design, enhancing circuit
performance, avoiding internal resistance and heat sources interference between electrical
devices and increasing the whole vehicle wiring harness reliability and endurance.

During updating, some structures and features on home and abroad famous brand name

vehicles are used for reference or equivalently taken as follows:

1. Adding whole vehicle electrical devices problem automatic safety-protect unit, which

ensure whole circuit system being cut off when sudden accident occurs to avoid possible fire
hazard or other injury from short problem.

2. Selecting a new central electrical box mainly used for whole vehicle control circuit, in

which there are 6 built-in mini relays, 24 type fuses, 3 intensive safety protect units and 58
external connecting points.

3. High current and power electrical devices are nearby controlled, such as fan and A/C

control circuit are directly completed at front compartment harness, shortening the current path.

Comparing with old wiring harness, main changes in wiring harness and electrical devices

are as follows:

Interior harness, front compartment harness, I/P (instrument panel) harness, battery positive

harness, central electrical box, two front and rear fog light switches instead of one switch on old
vehicle, and also relevant changes in ABS harness connector.

But control theory and whole vehicle harness routing mainly keep unchanged.

Only whole vehicle electrical devices theory illustrations are available in this manual and

there exists difference with actual electrical devices circuit. For convenience of compiling and
printing, some big circuits page are divided into several small pages, which will take
inconveniences when reading and therefore will require the user have a good command of
circuits on SQR710 sedan.

For compilers’ knowledge and time limits as well as rapid technology updating, some

errors and oversights are hard to avoid and kindly appreciate for users’ pointing out with the idea
of improving together. Electrical system are rapidly updated, therefore some new circuit are not
compiled on this manual on the time of publishing and will be supplemented timely.

This manual is compiled by Chang Yongjiu, Yao Shen and reference books are supplied by

product department.

Written by compilers

November 2002

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CIRCUIT Central Electrical Box Connector, Pin And Function


No.1 Central Electrical Box Fuse And Relay Position (2 Pages)

No.2 Central Electrical Box Connector Position And Function (3 Pages)

No.3 Circuit Manual Explanation (2 Pages)

No.4 Circuit (23 Pages)

No.5 ET Vehicle Circuit (25 Pages)

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CIRCUIT Central Electrical Box Connector Position

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CIRCUIT Central Electrical Box Connector, Pin And Function

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