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6900092 (6–97)

Printed in U.S.A.


Bobcat Company 1997

(773 S/N 509635001 & Above)

(773 Europe Only S/N 509616001–509634999)




This manual is for the Bobcat loader mechanic. It provides necessary servicing and adjustment
procedures for the Bobcat loader and its component parts and systems. Refer to the Operation &
Maintenance Manual for operating instructions, starting procedure, daily checks, etc.

A general inspection of the following items must be made after the loader has had service or repair:

1. Check that the ROPS/FOPS

(Including sidescreens) is in
good condition and is not

2. Check that ROPS mounting

hardware is tightened and is
Melroe approved.

3. The seat belt must be correctly

installed, functional and in
good condition.

4. The seat bar and pedal

interlocks must be correctly
adjusted, clean and lubricated.

5. Check lift arm support device,

replace if damaged.

6. Machine signs must be legible

and in the correct location.

7. Steering levers and foot pedals

must return to neutral.

8. Check for correct function of

the work lights.

9. The parking brake must

function correctly.

10. Enclosure door latches must

open and close freely.

11. Bob–Tach wedges and

linkages must function
correctly and be in good

12. Safety treads must in good


13. Check for correct function of

indicator lamps (Optional on
some models).

14. Check hydraulic fluid level,

engine oil level and fuel supply.

15. Inspect for fuel, oil or hydraulic

fluid leaks.

16. Lubricate the loader.

Revised Jan. 99



773 BICS Loader

Service Manual

24. Check for correct function of

the Bobcat Interlock Control
System (BICS

) before the

machine is returned to the

18. Inspect the air cleaner for

damage or leaks. Check the
condition of the element.

19. Check the electrical charging


20. Check tires for wear and


21. Inspect for loose or broken

parts or connections.

22. Operate the loader and check

all functions.

23. Check for any field

modification not completed.

Recommend to the owner that all
necessary corrections be made
before the machine is returned to

17. Check the condition of the

battery and cables.

Revised Jan. 99

773 BICS Loader


Service Manual

773 BICS Loader


Service Manual


The following publications provide information on the safe use and maintenance of the loader and attachments:

The Delivery Report is used to assure that complete instructions have been given to the new owner and that the machine
is in safe operating condition.

The Operation & Maintenance Manual delivered with the loader gives operating information as well as routine maintenance
and service procedures. It is a part of the loader and must stay with the machine when it is sold. Replacement Operation
& Maintenance Manuals can be ordered from your Bobcat loader dealer.

The loader has machine signs (decals) which instruct on the safe operation and care. The signs and their locations are
shown in the Operation & Maintenance Manual. Replacement signs are available from your Bobcat loader dealer.

The loader has a plastic Operator’s Handbook fastened to the operator cab. Its brief instructions are convenient to the
operator. The Handbook is available from your dealer in an English edition or one of many other languages. See your Bobcat
dealer for more information on translated versions.

The EMI Safety Manual (available in Spanish) delivered with the loader gives general safety information.

The Service Manual and Parts Manual are available from your dealer for use by mechanics to do shop–type service and
repair work.

The Skid–Steer Loader Operator Training Course is available through your local dealer. This course is intended to provide
rules and practices for correct operation of the Bobcat loader. The course is available in English and Spanish version.

The Service Safety Training Course is available from your Bobcat dealer. This course provides information for safe and
correct service procedures for Bobcat Skid–Steer loaders.

The Bobcat Skid–Steer Loader Safety Video is available from your Bobcat Dealer.

Safety Alert Symbol: This symbol with a warning statement, means: “Warning, be alert! Your safety is

involved!” Carefully read the message that follows.


Revised June 01


Instructions are necessary before operating or servicing machine. Read and understand the Operation &
Maintenance Manual, Handbook and signs (decals) on machine. Follow warnings and instructions in the
manuals when making repairs, adjustments or servicing. Check for correct function after adjustments,
repairs or service. Untrained operators and failure to follow instructions can cause injury or death.

Warnings on the machine and in the
manuals are for your safety. Failure to
obey warnings can cause injury or


This notice identifies procedures
which must be followed to avoid
damage to the machine.


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