BMW 3 (E46). Instruction - page 40

Working at throttle housing:

Turn harness plug (arrow)
counterclockwise and remove.

Disconnect electrical harness
connector at idle speed control valve
(arrow) directly above throttle housing.

Working under front corner of intake
manifold, disconnect electrical harness
connector at fuel tank venting valve
(A). Disconnect vent hose at quick
disconnect fitting (arrow).

Remove dipstick guide tube:

Disconnect wiring harness
brackets from tube (A).

Disconnect fuel lines from
retaining clips (B).

Remove lower dip stick guide tube
mounting bolt (C). Pull out guide

Remove schræder valve cap (arrow).
Using a tire chuck, blow fuel back
through feed line using a brief burst of
compressed air (maximum of 3 bar or
43.5 psi).


Fuel in fuel line is under
pressure (approx. 3 - 5 bar or 45
-75 psi) and may be expelled
under pressure. Do not smoke or
work near heaters or other fire
hazards. Keep a fire
extinguisher handy. Before
disconnecting fuel hoses, wrap
a cloth around fuel hoses to
absorb any leaking fuel. Catch
and dispose of escaped fuel.
Plug all open fuel lines.

Always unscrew fuel tank cap to
release pressure in the tank
before working on the tank or


Raise car and support in a safe


Make sure the car is stable and well
supported at all times. Use a

professional automotive lift or jack
stands designed for the purpose. A
floor jack is not adequate support.


Remove protective engine splash
guard from beneath engine

Working beneath car (on left side
under driver seat), remove fuel filter
cover and clamp off fuel hose(s)


M54 engines equipped with a non-return
fuel rail use only a single supply line.

Disconnect fuel hose(s) from fuel
line(s) (arrows) using special fuel line
removal tool 16 1 050 or equivalent.
Plug open fuel line(s) with BMW
special tools 13 5 281/13 5 282.

Working underneath car, remove lower
intake manifold support mounting bolt
(arrow), located adjacent to left
(driver's side) engine mount.

Remove fuel rail mounting bolts

Carefully pry fuel rail off manifold.

Separate fuel line support bracket
at rear of intake manifold.

Thread fuel line(s) out of rear of
engine compartment while lifting
fuel rail out.

Remove intake manifold mounting nuts

Lift up manifold enough to disconnect
positive cables from starter motor
terminal (arrow).

Remove intake manifold from
cylinder head while carefully
checking for any remaining
electrical connections or hoses.


Stuff clean lint free rags into open
intake ports to prevent any foreign
matter from falling into the ports.

Drain engine coolant from engine

Remove expansion tank cap on

Place 3-gallon pail beneath
engine to capture coolant.

Remove coolant drain plug
located on exhaust side of cylinder

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